Publications, presentations, and talks for IMLS Grant Datastar

Using Data Curation Profiles to Design the Datastar Dataset Registry, D-Lib Magazine, July 2013.  Authors: Sarah J. Wright, Wendy A. Kozlowski, Dianne Dietrich, Huda J. Khan, and Gail S. Steinhart at Cornell University and Leslie McIntosh at the Washington University School of Medicine.  Available online .
Sarah Wright, Dianne Dietrich, Huda Khan, Wendy Kozlowski, Leslie McIntosh, Gail Steinnhart. (2013). Giving them what they want: Using Data Curation Profiles to guide Datastar development.  Poster  presented at Open Repositories 2013. July 8-12, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada. 
Open Repositories 2012 Pecha Kucha presentation
VIVO Conference 2012: Presentation . Abstract. Presentation.
Data Curation Profiles paper in progress. Working title: Designing a dataset registry to fit researcher needs. Authors: Sarah J. Wright, Wendy A. Kozlowski, Dianne Dietrich, Huda J. Khan, Gail S. Steinhart and Leslie McIntosh.
Data Curation Profiles symposium. Presentation by Dianne Dietrich.
Steinhart, Gail, Wendy Kozlowski, Sarah Wright, Huda Khan, Leslie McIntosh, Dianne Dietrich, Kathy Chiang. 2012. Using the Data Curation Profiles Toolkit to Inform the Development of a Research Data Registry. Poster presented at the 2012 LITA National Forum. Oct. 5-7, Columbus, OH.

Publications, presentations, demos and talks for NSF Grant Datastar

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